Heat sink tungsten molybdenum Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a business unit specialized in the research, manufacturing and service of refractory materials such as the deep processing of tungsten, molybdenum and their alloy products; It has been committed to providing solutions for tungsten and molybdenum materials and high-end products, and serving various emerging industries such as electronic power, equipment manufacturing, high-temperature industrial furnaces, solar energy, LED lighting, large-scale integrated circuits, smart phones, UAVs, lasers, infrared, microwave, RF devices, 5g communications, new energy vehicles, etc. of national defense and military industry, aerospace, high-speed rail and motor vehicles.

Engaged in tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy plates, rods, sheets, foils, rods and deep-processing products (such as tungsten copper, molybdenum copper, pure tungsten, pure molybdenum, tungsten based high specific gravity, dispersion copper, copper inlaid tungsten electrode, resistance welding electrode, electric spark electrode, power electrical contact series tungsten molybdenum products; CMC, S-CMC, hs-cmc series, CPC series, aluminum silicon carbide, silicon aluminum, valvable, invar, oxygen free copper and other heat sink materials.

Heat sink tungsten molybdenum science and technology "rcwmkj ®”, We constantly improve the service quality, develop new materials and products to apply to new fields, and provide you with more reasonable and professional solutions; We look forward to working with you to create a win-win situation.

Our products are leading in China, and many series have realized import substitution

Provide nickel, silver and gold plating services